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Hark children of the Clans,,

To the wisdom of Kerensky and your forebears,
Know what has come before;
Remember it as you strive toward the future. - Remembrance - Passage 1, Verse 1, Lines 1-4

In the years following its establishment, the Rasalhague Dominion has often been at odds with its neighbors. Under frequent assault from enemies and needing a way to respond to these threats, the Khans approved a radical plan: to create a new Trinary of mixed Trueborn and Freeborn warriors to act as a fast reaction force. Thus was born the 173rd Striker Trinary: Growling Bears.


Facing opponents from Clan Wolf and the Draconis Combine as well as interal threats to the Dominion, the experiment was vidicated. In 3091, the 173rd was expanded to form the 12th Bear Guards Cluster.


The 12th retains its fast reaction force set up. Though lacking heavier end assault mechs, the unit does not lack in firepower and demonstrates a frightening amount of mobility. Though they prefer to use Clan rules of engagement when possible, if faced with unconvential enemies, the Growling Bears respond in kind.


This flexibility has proven highly successful so far and the 12th Bear Guards are regarded as one of the premier Dominion units.



(The Growling Bears is a Clan Ghost Bear unit affiliated with the writing forum)



Ghost Bear Remembrance


Drawing strength from each other, they survived;

Tseng and Jorgensson emerged from the snow,
And forged a Clan in the ghost bear's mold:
Unity of purpose and strength of spirit,
No task undertaken lightly or left half-done.
To these ideals we hold true until we all shall fall.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 45, Verse 6, Lines 13-18

Alshain: Rasalhague Dominion

Commanding Officer:

Star Colonel Cade McKenzie

​Excutive Officer:

Star Captain Savannah Bekker

​Battle Trinary:

Star Captain Benjamin

​Striker Supernova Binary:

Star Captain Savannah Bekker

​Dropship Captains:

Star Captain Tashira - Hartford

Star Captain Farrell - Aletha's Legacy

Star Captain Justine - Susquehanna

Star Captain Montgomery - Hunter's Den


Growling Bears Officers

Current Assignments:

Location: Apostica

Status: On assignment


The Growling Bears are currently on a strike mission to eliminate the training and supply complexes used by the Frihet insurgent organization.

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